Events are an integral part of any successful nonprofit organization's fund development program.

For starters, they can be a highly effective way of
raising money. More than that, however, when done right events also provide an excellent opportunity to recruit new donors and can play a key role in building awareness for your cause and organization.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, events provide an opportunity for your supporters to grow in their commitment to your organization through their
personal involvement with your mission.

In fact, when it comes to developing relationships with your organization's major donors in particular, few things are as effective in building a donor's commitment to invest in your mission as the positive personal experience that a high-level major donor event can provide.

Unfortunately far too few achieve much in the way of real success in this area. Too many organizations grind through too many mediocre events with too little to show for too many hours and too much money invested.

That’s where we come in. We help non-profits maximize the effectiveness of their events-related programs.

Meeting your organization’s fundraising objectives is an on-going challenge and we are here to help.
Whether you are looking for assistance in holding a grassroots special event fundraiser or in developing a meaningful event experience for your major donors, we are here to help. With over twenty-five years successful experience working with organizations large and small across a broad range of types of ministries we have the knowledge and experience to help you succeed.