Our team at Abound concentrates on helping nonprofits maximize the effectiveness of their fundraising events and event-related major donor experiences, resulting in an abundance of funds raised and goodwill extended.

We provide three types of event-related services (click on each link below to learn more):
  • Fundraising Events: Abound’s signature Special Event Fundraising program is designed to help your organization easily raise $30,000 to $100,000 or more while minimizing inputs of time, energy, and expense.
  • Major Donor Events: Abound offers you a slate of Major Donor Events—including Banquets, VIP Receptions, Small Group Briefings, and Major Donor Weekend Retreats, among others—designed to maximize major donors' connection to your mission.
  • Vision Trips and Excursions: A Vision Trip is an ideal way to make it possible for your major donors and other strategic partners to get an up close and personal look at the work they are supporting. Our team at Abound is available to assist your organization in planning and implementing successful Vision Trips.